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A dedicated 6-a-side football team from the Leisure Leagues 6-a-side at East Cowes is competing in the name of their captain, Charlie Panayi’s sister, Zoe, who tragically lost her life to skin cancer three years ago. Zoe’s untimely demise occurred after a misdiagnosis resulted in delayed treatment for a malignant mole. Determined to honour her memory and raise awareness of their petition in a bid for a so-called “Zoe’s Law”, Charlie has embarked on a series of challenges to support various causes.

Zoe Panayi was advised to have a mole removed at a beauty clinic after it was mistakenly diagnosed as non-malignant. Devastatingly, she later discovered that the mole was cancerous, and the disease had already spread. She passed away a mere 55 days after the diagnosis on May 29 2020, leaving her family and friends bereft.

Driven by his sister’s memory, Charlie Panayi has now taken it upon himself to raise funds for multiple charities. In a heartfelt statement on his Just Giving Page, he shared, “Both Red Squirrel Property Shop and I fund Zoe’s Law… so the money we raise here will be mostly donated to the Mountbatten Hospice, then a donation towards the Wight Brainy Bunch, as well as another local mental health charity, as per Zoe’s wish.”

Moved by Charlie’s dedication, Richard Scott, the Leisure Leagues Frqnchise holder,  announced that their organisation would sponsor Charlie’s 11-a-side team this season. “We are also sponsoring the captain’s 11-a-side team this season after being moved by the story,” stated Scott.

Not only are the team members united by their shared purpose, but they are also excelling on the pitch. Currently, they stand as one of the top teams in the East Cowes League, having triumphed in all five of their matches so far. Their outstanding performance has set their sights on competing in the upcoming 6 a side Champions League in Slovenia this autumn, a testament to their hard work and determination.

For those interested in learning more about Charlie’s challenges and contributing to the causes he supports, further information can be found at the following link:

To track their progress in the Isle of Wight league, click here


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