The Business

How do I make money from a football business?

It’s very simple – teams in your league pay match fees directly into your bank account. The more teams you add and the more leagues you build, the more money you make!

What if I’ve never been involved in football before?

Our proven sport franchise model is built first and foremost to make you money from football. Whether you are involved in football, a fan of football, or have no interest in football at all, we will provide you with all the tools you could possibly need to make your franchise a success.

Do I have to attend my football league each week?

In a word, no! One of the most important aspects of the franchise is finding passionate referees and match night supervisors, who will run the league night for you. When you have the right staff in place, the leagues will look after themselves.

All leagues ran from our Head Office are operated remotely, and 95% of our existing Franchisees do the same thing too. 

What are the costs involved?

To work out how much money you can make from each league night, our top of the range management system will calculate your ‘maximum profit’.

This automated system will deduct the cost of the pitch hire and your referee costs from the total taken on the night, allowing you to see exactly what will be banked into your account.

What do I do if teams don’t pay their fees?

Our expert training built from over 30 years’ experience will give you a full awareness of any potential bumps in the road, along with how to deal with them.

To ensure that all teams pay their full match fee, we now operate cashless leagues that require teams to pay online before their game. Automated alerts also get sent to teams with a payment link, and you will receive an alert through our bespoke management system that tells you each time a team pays.

This means that come kick off, you know exactly who has paid – and if a team hasn’t paid, they are not permitted to play!

The Leagues

How do I promote my franchise?

You will be given full training on promotion strategies, covering both physical and online promotion.

We will show you how to boost your visibility on search engines, and have a wide showcase of materials that can be used to aid both team and referee recruitment.

How many teams should I aim to get?

Only you can really answer that question. Owning a Leisure Leagues sports franchise can take you anywhere, from adding an extra £25,000 to your yearly salary with a small league, to earning over £1,000,000 a year!

If you only want to spend an hour or two a week on your franchise with an 8 team league, you will still make a sizeable profit, which will earn you over £25,000.

However – many of our Franchisees have been able to quit their full time job to focus purely on Leisure Leagues, and are making literally millions of pounds!

No matter how big you envisage your business becoming, you will know that we have the strategy and support to get you there, every step of the way.

Are leagues indoors or outdoors?

Nearly all of our leagues operate on outdoor, brand new all weather pitches. However we also operate a selection of high quality leagues at indoor facilities.

Do my leagues have to be affiliated?

As an international group, we don’t align ourselves with any national groups, but we do partner with the world governing body for small sided football, the International Socca Federation (ISF), link here.

How long does a season last?

This depends on how many teams are in each division, but usually a season lasts about 14 weeks. We operate rolling seasons, so once your current league season ends a new one will commence the following week, meaning you receive income from all of your leagues, all year round.

Who supplies the equipment and match officials?

As the league’s local Area Manager, it is your responsibility to provide all equipment and match officials. However, all equipment is available at trade price through our bespoke Leisure Leagues Franchise shop, and you will receive full training on recruiting and liaising with your staff. 

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