After setting up as a franchise with Leisure Leagues way back in 2010, the Hertfordshire based group are now our longest serving franchisees. Comprised of three close friends Alan Cooke, John McKessick and Steve McKluskey, Future Sports originally purchased the rights to run their very own sport franchise across Southampton, Stevenage and Hertford.

Their original investment saw them take on 60 teams from Head Office leagues, but from there the group have grown and now see 23 leagues running across seven independent areas, and have over 300 teams participating in their leagues.

Steve puts the success of the group down to strong support and communication from Head Office, and keeping a sharp eye out for the newest sports facilities getting built within the areas they own.

‘Franchising with Leisure Leagues was the best decision we’ve ever made. Having the opportunity to earn great money from our biggest passion has been life changing, and to go into business with your friends is a dream come true.

‘When we first signed up with Leisure Leagues, we had no idea that this would be the start of such a long and successful partnership. The key is that word – partnership – where we feel like we are part of a family, and are not simply a business commodity. Our relationship with Head Office means we can pick up the phone or pop into the office for advice or guidance whenever we need to.’

‘Due to the nature of the Leisure Leagues business model, we have been able to quit working our full time jobs, so we are able to spend far more time with our families and our other passion, which is coaching young footballers, giving us the perfect blend of work and leisure’.

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Michael Clark

Michael Clark has been a Leisure Leagues Franchisee since February 2015, where he came on board after purchasing the Louth area. Despite signing up with a ‘virgin area’ (an area with zero leagues or teams), Michael quickly got his first league up and running and has gone from strength to strength from there.

Over the intervening years, Michael has grown his portfolio and now owns 11 different areas running from Hull down to Northampton. He currently has 20 active football leagues and two netball leagues, which houses over 240 teams.

Michael’s remarkable success has meant he has been able to quit full time employment, and now his sole focus is on expanding his ever growing multi sports franchise empire!

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Shen Yohanantham

Shen joined the Leisure Leagues team in December 2015 when he became a UK franchisee with an initial purchase of two existing leagues, in the areas of Marlow & High Wycombe. 

Within his first year of being a Leisure Leagues Franchisee he had managed to extend both of his initial leagues, and started two brand new leagues in his area. In total his team numbers had risen from 28 to 64 in less than 12 months. 

Over the next two years, Shen purchased two additional areas in Swindon and Milton Keynes, both with existing leagues running. With a keen eye for online promotion and social media marketing, Shen has managed to add new days at his venues, whilst also extending his current leagues. 

In late 2018 he further expanded his area with the purchase of the Abingdon and Faringdon areas.

In total, Shen has managed to take his initial investment from 28 teams to currently over 230 teams, and is constantly looking at new venues and areas to increase his portfolio.

Here’s an example of one of our franchisee leagues in the UK. 

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