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Our Partners will usually think of our website, the insurance, the support, hosting and the money we spend on our website updates each year to keep our website class leading in our industry, as to the reason why they pay their WHIS, for management fees.

Added to this of course is the power of the Leisure Leagues brand, the savings on the Partner shop, and our ability to get your league at the top of search engine rankings, to name just a few extra things that all form part of the fee you pay.

But recently one of our Partners took advantage of a another, often under-used, service that we provide which is also included in the WHIS fee – legal help.

Six months ago we took back an area from an ex-Partner who had got a small league going in his virgin area. It was all very amicable, until we found out recently that this ex-Partner was now trying to start his own leagues in other areas of the country, which affected one of our new Partners, who came to us and asked us what we could do about it.

We took action straightaway on behalf of our new Partner, which resulted in an out of court settlement with the ex-Partner having to pay us over £54,000 in damages and Court fees.

And all this service was provided to a new Partner completely free of charge. And he hadn’t even started paying his first lot of WHIS fees yet!

So not only does this show that you are entitled to free legal support which protects you and your business, you also know that if your business is threatened by one of our ex-Partners or franchisees, then we will step in and make sure that you are completely protected.

To be fair, the pay-out of £54,000 was much larger than we thought, but Courts nowadays are becoming stricter on ex-employees or ex-franchisees breaching their restraint of trade contract terms.

This is the third time in 10 years we have taken such action, and on each occasion we have provided maximum protection to all our Partners across the UK by being in the Leisure Leagues family, and we will continue to provide maximum protection for everybody as we move into the future.


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