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The Macclesfield 6-a-side football league has become a shining example of the triumphs achieved through the Leisure Leagues model. With the league rapidly expanding to accommodate 48 teams, it has caught the attention of enthusiasts and industry professionals alike. Not only does this growth signify the league’s remarkable success, but it also highlights the immense potential for generating substantial income, potentially reaching £50,000 per annum from just one league. This remarkable feat demonstrates the viability and effectiveness of the Leisure Leagues model in creating thriving sporting communities.

At the heart of this triumph lies the simplicity and effectiveness of the Leisure Leagues model. Chris Rowntree, the Franchise Manager, emphasises the straightforward nature of the process, stating: “It really is as easy as this, you hire a brand-new pitch, you offer a league people want to play in, but recruiting great match officials and working with the venue to promote the competition, and watch the money roll in.” This straightforward approach has been key to attracting players and teams who seek a well-organised, competitive, and enjoyable football experience.

In less than two years, the Macclesfield 6-a-side league has risen to become one of the largest leagues in the country. This meteoric rise is a testament to the growth potential within the Leisure Leagues scheme. As the league expands to accommodate 48 teams, it provides an inclusive platform for football enthusiasts of all skill levels to come together, bond, and enjoy the sport they love.

The Macclesfield league is just one example of Leisure Leagues’ extensive network of leagues worldwide. The franchise scheme has been successfully operating for over a decade, offering individuals the opportunity to turn their passion for football into a full-time career with part-time hours. Remarkably, 98% of franchisees report success, highlighting the robustness and profitability of the Leisure Leagues model.

The remarkable growth of the Macclesfield 6-a-side league – and others throughout the country –  is a testament to the effectiveness of the Leisure Leagues model. By providing well-organised leagues, outstanding facilities, and an exceptional football experience, Leisure Leagues has successfully captured the enthusiasm of players and team organisers. The exponential growth in Macclesfield and the potential £50,000 annual income from one league reinforces the viability and profitability of the Leisure Leagues model. As more individuals seek fulfilling opportunities in the world of football, the franchise scheme continues to empower countless entrepreneurs to achieve their dreams while fostering vibrant sporting communities.

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