When it comes to Spain football is in the blood. It is – as someone once said – more than a game.

Partnering with Leisure Leagues is not only the quickest and easiest way to make real money from small sided football in Spain, but also means that you will be part of the biggest sporting network in the world.

In every corner of the globe, men and women are playing under the Leisure Leagues Banner, knowing that it stands for World Class wherever it is seen.

We have been doing this for decades, we know what works. When it comes to 6 a side football we – literally – wrote the rule book and we have made it grow. Every brand new innovation that has happened in 5 and 6 a side football came from in our Head Office, and that’s what we can offer to you.

When you bring our leagues to Spain, that’s what we can offer to you. We are the best. With a Leisure Leagues Franchise, you will be too.


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