With Leisure Leagues already long established in Pakistan, and having seen some of the world’s finest footballers gracing pitches to spread the word, you will be in a wonderful position to capitalise if you take a Leisure Leagues Franchise.

We already have leagues from Karachi in the South to Gilgit in the north and everywhere in between, with leagues in over 80 cities and thousands of players playing in our leagues.

The infrastructure of Leisure Leagues Pakistan is unrivalled and you will tap into that straight away. The award winning leagues have received praise from the United Nations for their inclusive attitude, and you will immediately be part of one of the largest sporting movements in the world.

With links to the very top and massive media exposure, Leisure Leagues can give you a head start like no other franchise opportunity in Pakistan.

Enquire today to see how you can be part of it, and make real money from a nation’s passion, as well as bringing joy and untold health benefits to people in your community.


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