According to the great Liverpool Manager, Bill Shankly, football was never a matter of life and death, it was more important than that.

To the people that play in our leagues worldwide, it’s just the same. It is their own personal cup final each week for hundreds of thousands of men and women, who play in our leagues everywhere in the world.

Football is the universal language and we can help you speak it. By partnering with us, you are immediately given access to the gold standard. The very best. Only the best is good enough for you, and that’s how we feel too.

For the people that are already playing in Hungary in their thousands, it will be represent a sea change in quality, a leap forward in organisation and a seismic shift in sporting achievement.

Some of the very finest sportsmen on the planet have played in our leagues. From Usain Bolt to Ronaldinho and many, many more, they have all sampled the unique atmosphere of a Leisure Leagues competition. And, as the driving force behind the 6 a aside World Cup, we can make sure the game never ends.


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